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American-1 Guard Tracking System™

Some of the most common problems experienced by standing guard security companies are:

  1. Accountability of security personnel tracking (such as arrival/departure times, presence on-site, sleeping on the job).
  2. Response to resident-reported security issues.
  3. Incomplete descriptions of problems and building/unit locations.
  4. Paperwork issues arising from handwritten/difficult-to-read reports.
  5. True-time incident verification.

At American-1 Airtight Security, we assign each security officer with a GPS-enabled Android device (the same Android system that the parking officers are using). This device will be used to access a customized American-1 Guard Tracking System™ pull-down menu that notes issue types, addressees and locations on that specific property.  

In the past, security officer duties were loosely defined and their actions were unverifiable. Now, security managers determine an officer’s duty and areas of responsibility and his actions are tracked by time stamped photos, and a GPS location every time an issue is created. As an officer completes their rounds, they can use the camera and audio-recording features to create proactive issues and document incidents, eliminating all paperwork and increasing productivity and minimizing grammatical errors which occur using handwritten reports.

For example, let’s say the security officer comes upon a rowdy group of people in the swimming pool who are violating posted rules. Upon arrival on scene, the officer can photograph violations and record conversations. Using the American-1 Guard Tracking System™, the officer can verify residency of violators simply by looking up their names.

The officer would ask the violators to comply, record the conversation for the record, and document the incident in the system. Photographs, audio recordings, and the officer’s notes are all immediately uploaded into the online system as part of the incident record and times are stamped in all photos.

Audio and visual recording of incidents eliminates he-said/she-said situations allowing property management to permanently resolve the issue. This detailed incident report will be filed and placed in the resident property/unit history. Managers can pull reports by date range, issue ID number, incident type, officer, or resident unit history. These reports can be used as data points for decision-making such as guard performance and resident lease renewals.

American-1 Guard Tracking System™ also contains an effective maintenance-reporting tool that can save management companies time and money and can help residents get their needs met quickly.

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